Welcome to the website of Doyle Lee Stafford Architect - providing architectural and consultant services to clients and owners in need of creative, cost effective solutions for design and building projects. With over thirty years experience as an architect, builder and project manager, I bring a wealth of experience to any project you may have planned.
Who Am I?
I am a graduate of Florida State University (Psychology) and Auburn University (Architecture).  I have been a licensed Architect in the state of Florida since 1982 (License No. AR 8644). I am also a Certified Building Contractor in Florida (License No. CBC 59749). During my thirty year professional career, I have worked in architectural firms, large and small, run the Preconstruction Division of a mid-size Construction Management Company and run the Facilities Services Department of a major Florida state agency. Finally, I founded and ran my own successful architectural firm for fifteen years.
What Do I Do?
By choice, I am a one man shop, so to speak. Because of that, my specialty is the design and construction of smaller projects that larger firms have neither the the time or desire to do. Whether it's a needed drawing detailing an installation required for a building permit or a complete design for a small commercial or residential project, I can provide personal attention to every detail to ensure that your project is completed properly, on time and within budget. In addition to design, document production and construction administration, I can provide consultation for any project or building problem you may have. For more detailed information on the services I provide as well as project delivery options, please review the Services Page of this website.

Why I Do What I Do?
It's really quite simple. After a thirty plus year career designing everything from sheds to hotels, I am, at my core, a designer and passionate problem solver.  It is my ultimate desire to bring to my clients a level of quality, detailed service to each project, regardless of size. Whether you need an out of date kitchen re-designed, a new guest room or a new code required door or handicap ramp, I can promise passionate, quality service.

Why I Have A Blog?
The blog on this website will serve to keep clients and other users of architectural services informed of project progress, scheduling changes, milestone achievements and other important news about what we are currently involved in. In addition, from time to time, I will publish personal observations about issues of concern involving architecture, design, planning and construction. Please fee free to sign up for Email notices when items are posted. Just enter your email adress in the "FOLLOW DLS ARCHITECT VIA EMAIL" box in the right side bar, click submit and follow the instructions.



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