the cabin at nomad's rock - a less is more house

The Cabin at Nomad's Rock is a Beta test project for a new design-build company in the earliest stages of start up - Less Is More House - A Design+Build Company that combines high design, sustainable, low cost housing solutions to create the new millennium anti-box house.
The project has been in the preliminary research and design phase for some time. At this juncture, we plan to pre-fabricate the project, deconstruct it and transport and reassemble in Utah. Future development plans include a "Variations Portfolio" of projects to be fabricated and located in various locations as desired by future clients.

The Design

This small cabin is  a 16 x 16 feet - 256 square feet cabin containing sleeping, social/seating, food preparation and eating space with an 8 feet diameter shower, toilet and lavatory space anchor at one corner and a small 4 x 12 feet storage space flanking the entry to the covered deck and cabin doors. The design is the first in a series of projects to be built almost entirely from recycled materials.

The Site
The site is comprised of a twenty acre parcel that is part of an 8,000 acre homestead and cattle ranch located approximately forty miles from Kanab, Utah. The cabin is to be located on a small plateau at 7,400 feet elevation, with uninterrupted views of the desert environment of Grand Staircase Escalante. The name Nomad's Rock comes from a rather large boulder, perfect for sitting and gazing where the cabin is to be sited.

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